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I started Bold Fish Publishing because God told me to. And when I receive divine instruction, I follow it. God knows far better than my tiny human mind ever can why I am here and how I am to serve humanity and the planet.

It appears my purpose right now is to support bold and authentic souls who need to get their message out and make their voices heard at this critical time in our human and planetary story—a time that calls for fearless women and men to step up, take the lead and find the courage to do the audacious work the world so desperately needs right now.

If you’ve landed here because you are one of those fearless souls with a crucial message to share, then drop me a line in the form below and we’ll have a call to discover whether our purposes are aligned.

With love,


What the authors are saying

“If it wasn’t for Helen my book would still be just a messy jumble of channellings. Her outstanding support in editing, proofreading and publishing made it possible for me to get my thoughts out into the world. Helen totally gets what I am trying to communicate and why, and the poem she wrote to accompany the story is beautiful! I am blessed to have had Helen guide me so skilfully through the publishing process for my first novel.”
Georgina Templar
“Collaborating with Helen on our first book was an incredible experience. Despite both of us being new to the world of authoring and publishing, Helen’s eagerness to learn and tackle any challenge was inspiring. Her keen eye for detail and remarkable organizational skills kept us right on track. I’m truly grateful for Helen's guidance and the way she was able to fearlessly lead our project to success.”
Maribel Ortega
“Helen, thank you for your friendship, guidance, support and the miracle that is Bold Fish Publishing. Your willingness to do 'all the stuff' of publishing is one of the biggest reasons my book is out in the world and not languishing in my laptop! I remain ever grateful for our deep and respectful conversations and your enthusiasm, sharp editorial eye, creativity and love of books and authors.”
Julie Trager
“Helen is friendly and professional and she worked with my very specific needs to make my publishing dream come true. I love her vision for Bold Fish Publishing which speaks to awakening, truth and perspectives that allow room for questioning our reality. It was exciting to work with Helen to create my masterpiece.”
Jacqueline Denis