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Soul Expression: The Awakening of Humanity Through Poetry is my second collection of poems.

This collection sits in the genre of meditative poetry/spirituality and encouragement. It is a call-out for the need to awaken and heal humanity.

My poetry beckons us to look within and to ask questions about who we are, what our soul purpose is, and how we can find clarity and truth in a world entangled with lies.

In an age where truth and clarity are two key values that are sorely failing, I believe my poems speak to each and every one of us and will help me on my mission to ‘unite humanity, one poem at a time.’”




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Title: Soul Expression
Author: Jacqueline Denis
Genre: Poetry
Paperback length: 74 pages
Dimensions: 229mm x 152mm (6 x 9 in)
Publication date: December 2023
Paperback ISBN: 978-1-739371142



Jacqueline Denis resides by an inland lake in Northern Ontario, where she connects daily with the boreal forest, the healing waters and the ancient Canadian Shield.

Soul Expression is Jacqueline’s second book of published poetry. Her first, Lake Erie Calling (2020), is a compilation of poems celebrating the four seasons.

From 2020 to 2022, Jacqueline’s poems ‘In the Wilderness’, ‘Pino Noir’, ‘Self Love’, ‘Spanish’ and ‘Community Flows from the Womb’, all won places in Gertrude’s Writing Room Annual Anthologies

Jacqueline has a B.A. in Psychology and uses her knowledge to write in the genre of meditative poetry/spirituality and encouragement.Follow Jacqueline’s writing at