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“From the outside Maya had the ideal life – the well-paid job, the flashy car, the big house in the country – but something was stirring within her that could not be denied.

No longer able to suppress her growing need to break free from the path that society paves, one that has left her angry, resentful and exhausted, she finds herself desperately seeking a different way to live.

As she searches her soul, the veil of confusion and chaos clears and Maya is drawn towards the Scottish islands. What is it that’s calling her there? Can she find a way to express this deep yearning to her husband and kids? And can they all find the courage to make the move?

One True North is the story of one woman’s spiritual awakening. Armed with the support of her guides, an angel named Tal, and the sheer love for her family, Maya must navigate her deepest fears to find her way forward to a life of peace and joy.”



Title: One True North
Author: Georgina Templar
Genre: Fiction
Paperback length: 310 pages
Dimensions: 198mm x 129mm (5 x 7.8 in)
Publication date: December 2023
Paperback ISBN: 978-1-739371128
E-book ISBN: 978-1-739371135



One True North is not only Maya’s story; it is the story of every person in the midst of this worldly chaos who decided to ask themselves, where do I fit in my own life story?”
—Jacqueline Denis, Author of Soul Expression

“Beware—this book may trigger some uncomfortable truths within you and set you on the path to leading an authentic and fulfilling life.”
—Helen Strong, Author of AudaciousNess

“For those who know, in their hearts, that there is a better way to live.”
—Julie Trager, Author of The Little Book of Love



Georgina Templar is a Psychic Empath, a Medium and a Quantum Energy Coach, on a mission to coach and support the future world’s spiritual leaders and healers.

She offers people a bridge between the energies of this polarity planet, helping them transition from the 3D world of fear, compliance and control into the expansive and liberating realm of 5D consciousness.

Georgina lives in Scotland with her family and their herd of various animals. She helps clients on their soul journeys, and can be contacted through her website

One True North is Georgina’s first book.


E-book, Paperback